Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What should I bring with me?

A. We advise that you bring in a pair of jeans, a white tank top, t-shirts, braces, white and black boxers (Beckham and Tom Daley style!), trousers, a white shirt, a tie & bow tie, a suit, sports gear, hats, smart shoes, trainers and anything that makes you feel good!

We also suggest bringing in items to personalise your shoot, so if you (or a partner) have any hobbies or interests, why not bring something related to this e.g. sporting tops or equipment, musical instruments, books or vinyls/cds.

Creased clothes are not the best look so if you have the time, please give your clothes a quick iron prior to your shoot.

You can also bring accessories that are personal to you, as well as anything else you may find in your cupboard….if you’re considering it, bring it! And please remember, you are going to be in a darkly-lit studio, don’t be afraid to add a little colour to your selection!

Q. What happens when I arrive for my shoot?

A. You will receive a warm welcome and be shown to our chill-out room where you will be asked to fill in a few details while you relax.  You will then be taken into the studio ready for your photoshoot.

Q. What happens in my shoot?

A. Your photographer will discuss your shoot with you and go through everything you have bought in, putting together different styles for each pose. You will then be directed into poses depending on the style of shoot and the type of images you are looking to achieve.

Q. How long does my session last?

A. We only photograph one person per day and each session lasts half a day, so please allow anything from four to five hours from beginning to end.

Q. When and how can I see my photos?

A. You will be invited to your design consultation after your photo-shoot where you will have the opportunity to purchase albums, wall art, print boxes and images. We carefully select the best shots from your photo-shoot and choose how best to display them.

Q. Who sees the photographs?

A. Please be assured that no one but our in-house photographers and retouchers will ever see your images. Should we wish to use your images for any reason, we will seek written permission from you first.

Q. Do the images get photoshopped?

A. Every image you choose to order will go through post production with our in-house retoucher, with final say on the level of photoshopping dictated by you.

Q. How much will I be looking to spend on my photos?

A. There is something for everyone on our price list although you should expect to spend from £400 through to £1000 or more depending on the packages and products you decide to showcase your images with. It’s totally up to you!

Q. How will I receive my order?

A. We send your dudeoir photographs out to you by franked first class post which means that our return address is printed on the front of every envelope. First Class postage & package to the UK is included. However if you prefer alternative postage methods this can be arranged and a fee will apply.

Q. Where is Dudeoir by Cameo?

A. Our studio is based in North London with clients coming from all over the country and from abroad. We are a ten minute walk from Finchley Central tube station, please see our address and map for more detailed directions.

Q. Can I park nearby?

A. We have limited free off street parking directly outside of Avenue House. Alternatively, the residential roads opposite also have unrestricted parking.