We Do Personal Branding – Get fit with BodyHouseLondon

Do you have your own brand or business? Although we at Dudeoir by Cameo believe a photoshoot should primarily be a means to express oneself, a chance to free yourself from everyday confinements (clothes included) and generally have an all round incredible experience which allows you to see yourself in a whole new light.. we also believe this should be …

nicolaWe Do Personal Branding – Get fit with BodyHouseLondon
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A Unique Christmas gift

Unsure on what to get for Xmas? Well if you are looking for an unusual gift that will surprise and tantalise, then look no further! Our dudeoir, boudoir and couple’s photo-shoots can be the perfect way to surprise a partner, by gifting them your awsome and sexy images on Christmas morning. We offer male, female and couples boudoir themed photoshoots, …

nicolaA Unique Christmas gift

Keeping your kit on

Not all you hear is true. Some people may think that a “dudeoir photoshoot” means you have to get your kit off. This is not the case! You can keep your kit on and create some kick ass photos of yourself. The more you clothes you bring in for a shoot, the more variety your shoot could have; from some …

nicolaKeeping your kit on
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A Recent Photoshoot With Epic Results

One of our recent dudeoir photoshoots at our London photography studio had an interesting outcome. After taking some pretty awesome pictures of a recent client, Sayed, in one of our male photoshoots, he decided to post the images on Instagram. His proud misses also decided to show of his hot pics on her profile page. This is where things got …

nicolaA Recent Photoshoot With Epic Results
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A Dude’s experience of Dudeoir

You don’t need to be a model to create great photos   Our thoughts. At Boudoir and Dudeoir, we think photoshoots should be for everyone and everyBODY. Whether you’re tall or short, buff or slim, we believe you’ll enjoy our studio experience – and will love the photos you see at the end. We’re also very keen to know how …

nicolaA Dude’s experience of Dudeoir