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A Dude’s experience of Dudeoir

You don’t need to be a model to create great photos


Our thoughts.

At Boudoir and Dudeoir, we think photoshoots should be for everyone and everyBODY. Whether you’re tall or short, buff or slim, we believe you’ll enjoy our studio experience – and will love the photos you see at the end.

We’re also very keen to know how our customers enjoy their studio experience. So we asked one of our recent Dudeoir clients to tell us how the shoot was for him, in his own words. Over to Stefan for his dude’s view from in front of the camera…

The dude’s experience of Dudeoir.

“I am very definitely not model material. I’m not tall, I’m not ripped and I’m not young. But should that stop me doing a photoshoot? No, it shouldn’t!

I’d contacted the studio because I needed some headshots and informal photos for my business. I hadn’t even considered doing a ‘Dudeoir’ shoot with them (like I said, I don’t think of myself as being the kind of guy who can model).

But they suggested I do all the formal shots and then try a few more quirky things – just to see how it went and how I felt about it. And you know what, I’m glad they did. It was actually a lot of fun, and I’m really happy with the end results.

Obviously, I’m never going to be the next David Gandy (I’m waiting for that call, M&S), but I was really pleased with how I looked in the final photos. And it wasn’t in any way daunting to stand in front of the camera and lights. Hannah, the photographer, is incredibly good at putting you at your ease and she made the whole process really enjoyable.

Hannah starts by talking through the clothes you’ve brought with you (bring a good selection of different styles, gents). And once she’s seen the wardrobe she can start thinking of ways to combine these elements to create different looks and different shots.

I don’t think I’ve ever got undressed and dressed again so many times in such a short period. But it’s all part of the fun and it’s interesting to see how different combinations of clothes can completely change the mood of the image.

And if you thought modelling was just standing in front of a camera, think again. You’ll be using all those core muscles, not just lounging around, so it’s almost a mini workout on it’s own. Hannah guides you into the pose she has in mind and is very patient at waiting until you’re comfortable in the pose and she’s happy with how it looks through the lens.

So, would I recommend doing a Dudeoir shoot? If you feel like a few hours of enjoying yourself in front of a camera then why not, eh? It’s definitely an experience you’ll remember and the final images really do look brilliant. Worth every penny, I’d say.”

Ready for your close-up?

Have we tempted you, then? Do you feel like having your own Dudeoir experience and getting some awesome shots for you and someone special in your life? Go on, you know you fancy it.

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nicolaA Dude’s experience of Dudeoir

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